Up New talents Showcase/ 10.02.14 / DogA

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A conceptual presentation of designers  from Up and F5 concept store was held by the new network arena Norwegian Fashion Hub at DogA. The 11 emerging designers selected for this showcase represent some of the most exciting factors in the Norwegian fashion industry.  The selected designers are; Christina Ledang, GRAA, Ingvild Abrahamsen, Karoline Lund, Pål Sanchez, AoE, Elisabeth Stray Pedersen, Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen, Haik, Janne Aunan and ARCT.  They have previously showcased at the Up Catwalk show and are based at the F5 concept store, where they are selling and displaying their work. Photos by Nina Rebekka Forsberg.

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Photos by Nina Rebekka Forsberg